Could You Do It ..

Let's just pretend ..
For right now at least
That your happy .

There is no blade to save you this time .
Could you do it ?
Could you actually go longer then a few days .
I bet you couldn't handle the pressure ..
With no blade to cut your skin .
The smooth sharp edge cutting you , as it calls your name .
Just one more time ..
You couldn't stop and you know it .
Your nothing with out that blade , you know it and so does everyone else .
You'd probably already be gone without that razor .
Then again with it you could go with one wrong cut .
Buh you don't care if you cut a little deeper then the last time .
Because , your different then everyone else out there .
You know when you leave you'll find peace .
And that excites you .
Even though you don't want to go now , you wouldn't mind .
And how do I know all this .
Because this person is me .

(Note I wrote to myself)
HoldingFaith HoldingFaith
18-21, F
May 11, 2012