No One Can Hold My Hands Because They're Too Rough.

this year, a girl at my school died in a car crash. i feel like it was my fault, because i talked about committing suicide the night before. i talked about that because girls at my school were being really mean. then the girl passed away, and i just got depressed. i cut myself, and it felt really good. then, after a couple of days i felt depressed again. then i got scared, because i thought that i could get over it quickly. i don't understand what i'm feeling now. i'm scared, and alone, and depressed, and angry... i want to cut again... i just need help. i don't feel loved and i don't feel like i fit in. i'm indian, and kind of chubby and people make fun of me all the time. i know they do. i want to cut so bad, so i can feel okay again, but everyone says don't. i'm so confused. and upset. i just want to be me again. 
khscheer1213 khscheer1213
1 Response May 19, 2012

Do you know anyone you can trust? Really the first thing you need to do is talk to someone.. They won't judge and it's really relieving to speak about it out loud.. I'm sure it is.