I Have A Reason!

I cut myself...WOW big shocker i dont see why everyone gets all hyped up about the situation. I started cutting myself when i was 14 im almost 16 now and its not getting any better but its not getting worse (at least i dont think it is) I have a reason for cutting myself i dont care if its a stupid reason and i dont need help. My reason for cutting myself is a good one to me. I cut myself to punish myself for the stupid **** i do. I cut myself when im depressed or really stressed out i do it to relive the pain i feel inside the pain of all the **** that goes on in my life day by day. I feel as if everythings my fault and so i punish myself for it hitting me and grounding me doesnt do ****! I dont do it for attetion i think its stupid if thats the only reason you wanna cut yourself just for attetion. Thats it I know im not the only one but i feel as if im totally alone in this world just me against everyone else. I get picked on and judged and accused blah blah blah they just never understand. Im writing this to let it out and just be myself! Not a morshed up version of what people want me to be just me! theres only one problem I dont like me what so ever that another reason I HATE MYSELF! everything about me makes me mad yeah i know omg shes being dramatic lalala.......But thats me! and theres nothing more nothing less
avelee101 avelee101
18-21, F
May 20, 2012