My Life Isnt Going Great

i cut myself everyday all the time, people say i have no reason to but they dont know...
when i was born my dad was raping my sister and he has only been jailed now, im 12. my sister didnt cope who would, he used to cut her and hurt her he  go her on drugs and made her into a bad person before all this she was a grade A student she never used to try at school but still got A*s she was amazing she was voted top 5 and maths in england for her age group, and all of that was flushed away because of one sick man i will never for give this person i used to call Dad, you only get one dad but i dont want him my sister rosie (the one that wasnt raped) always trys to get in contact with his mum who also used to abuse Becky i dont think Rosie knows the whole thing my uncles on my dads family are all druggies so i obviously dont want Rosie involved with them  i don;'t know what to do my mum is always upset and drinking and now i found out that my unce is in hopsitel with a failing liver and that my cousin has breast cancer i know what to do, and now im being bullied, i just give up, give up leading this long and painful life i can not be bothered crying everday i feel depressed and sometimes i think i am but i dont know what to do shall i tell my mum? shall i get help? WHAT?! i dont know i give up sometimes i think about killing myself and seeing if anyone would care.
i have been getting bullied recently aswell just someone give me a break 
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1 Response May 21, 2012

Well cutting never solves anything. Get help and get your mom help. Im sure theres a teacher that would be more then willing to help, Some people dont get that cutting makes you feel better but it only reminds you of the people that hurt you and caused you pain. And people dont make it through things bc god needs another angel. And you wouldnt know if anyone cared if you died bc you wouldnt be here to see. And some people bully others but just know there jealous. Life will get better everyone struggles in life, I thought i wanted to kill myself over a boy that wasnt worth looking at. He did nothing but hurt me, and i have scars now that i wish i didnt have. All they do is remind you of the person that caused you pain and they dont deserve that. My advice to you is go to church/ Pray/ and go see a doctor or therapist/ counsiler.