If you hadn't read my first thing, I suggest you read it. It will make this make more sense.

I had been doing so well. I was proud of myself, to say the least. I had made it 2 1/2 weeks without cutting. Until I got into an argument with my father that is. As always, he was the result of my cutting. I forget what exactly we had begun fighting about, but it was something stupid as it always is. Anyway, shortly after getting off of the phone with him, I ran into my room, and within seconds had my razor out and against my wrist. The cool razor made me realize that it was already slightly digging in. But, I had no desire to stop. I wanted to continue going deeper&deeper. Somehow, I managed to stop. But now my arm has one long, deep cut on it.

Anyone think they can help?
HelpIsHereDear HelpIsHereDear
May 23, 2012