I don't know where to begin, when I was in 6th grade, I moved from private school to public school. Private school was small and everyone knew everyone, but when I moved to public school I meet a whoe bunch of people. In the middle of the year that's when the bullying began. I was always around people who liked me so when someone called me gay I was shocked to say the least. In 7th grade is when it was bad and I begun to cut myselfe. Throughout the year it got worse and worse. One Danny own bestfriend the only person I trusted turned on me and joined in with them, I will never forgets word that they said to me. From this point things only got worse and worse. In 8th grade I tried to commit suicide and my brother found me and rushed met to a hospital where they'd pumped my stomach. He savedmy life that day. These kids would come to my home and beat the **** out of me on my own lawn, my home was suppose to bethe one place where I felt safe. I no longer did. I was always scared so i locked the doors everyday when I came home from school, I made it look,ie no one was home. The only time I ever felt safe was at night, which Is why I love the dark and I only go out in the dark this day these kids still stay stuff to me, and I still cut. I see even scar as a chapter, my arm is the book and, My scars are the chapters. I only whish these kids know what they have done to me, they have Madame a cold person, who has no feelings, they made the one safe place I had to go to a unsafe place. They have taken everything from me, my sanity, my inner peace. They will never know how deep their words cut me. I still cut to this day. I'm 17 years old, and I smile to hide my pain. On the inside I am alone, and one day i hope I'm not afraid to be who I really am.
Nosafeplace Nosafeplace
Nov 30, 2012