It Wont Stop

i first cut myself about 3 years ago and now i cant stop sometimes i dont even have to be in an angry mood to do it, i dont do it to kill myself i do it because i feel i have to punish myself not for any reason just for being me, its the hardest thing in the world to deal with no matter what i do i cant seem to stop myself from doing it, sometimes i get scared that i might hurt myself really bad one day but i just cant sto[
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Cutting is only a cry for help if you show off the scars&scabs. The ones like myself that use the pain as an escape untill it's an addiction try to hide it. Personally I'm ashamed of the ugly scars but when there us nobody you can/will talk to then a blade becomes a source of relief.

I have to ask something about that. I never felt I was cutting for attention, but at the same time I didn't hide them (first time people noticed anyway). I just didn't see the point in hiding them because no doubt people would find out again like they had before when I had hidden them.
My best friend of the time (the time. I was only like a month or so ago) felt I was just doing it for attention, but I didn't. I'm sorry but, do you think I was wrong?

Hold ice instead. It hurts you without damaging your body.

I feel the same thing!!!! I just can't seem to satisfy the craving. Cutting is ALL I THINK BOUT!!! I don't want to stop but I want to have it under control. It's a problem. I know it is. But it makes me feel so much better. But it sucks being like the only girl that isn't wearing short sleeves in the summer.!

Don't worry,when you're ready to stop,you will.Eventually you won't feel the need anymore.I know how it feels when it's the only thing you can think about,one day it'll get better.until then, just take it easy and be careful not to go too far.

Yea, i cut for just about the same reason. I havent cut for about 2 weeks now and its because i took up somthing else. I write in a journal and draw. When the first person told me to do that, i was like, i love to cut and ill NEVER stop, they are just diffrent than me. But you will just want to stop. because if u try to stop and u dont want to, it will just get u depressed, so do it until it just dosnt feel right anymore...