A Sick Fascination

i have been cutting myself for a really long time now for about 6 years. i went to therapy and that didnt help me at all. i do it for release it feels so good and i just cant stop myself i do just bcuz sometimes. i like to watch the blood come. it is a sick fascination. i have tried to stop i really have but its kind of hard. whenever you feel just mad or sad or something you just think about doing it and you cant just say no. its like you body has a hold over your mind and its like your above the situation and your watching things play our around you
fallaway fallaway
18-21, F
1 Response Jul 21, 2007

I know what you mean it's so hard to explain to people I look for people all over to understand but it's a drug kinder thing I'm ashamed of it but I like its shame but yet I know it's wrong I don't care I tell you know 6 out of 10 people have probly. Cut once or couple of times it's becoming. I get all weird when the words cut or cutting is mention or when some one l

Looks ats my wrist or leg. I think about cutting after Iv done it or wanna do it it's all hard to explain or under stand I told some one an went to the doctor my problems seem stupid at the time like there is people far worse of it just confusing I like cutting hate cutting don't care cutting see its come with so much. Any how I know to totally where your coming from