Yes, I Do

i cut myself, i dont actually no y. i do it wen im sad... or angry. im NOT "emo" in the sense every one says it. i am emotional tho. no1 no's i cut myself exept my parents who saw the cuts on my arms. i like the marks. and i like the pain. and i like the blood. i no i should stop, ther r so many reasons that i should stop, i could get an infection, my freinds could c the cuts and shun me caus of them, etc. i wish i could stop.
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1 Response Aug 26, 2007

i know how you feel, <br />
i've been thru this so many times. <br />
i think what has helped me the most is talking about it<br />
with a friend you will find that its likely that some of your friends do it too it's not uncommen. <br />
you do need to find another outlet another way to <br />
release your anger and sadness, i find writing about it<br />
helps or doing something you like to get your mind off it.<br />
i'm always here if you want to chat<br />