It Started With Hair...

I used to cut all my hair off but it was to noticed and I needed to feel different that wasnt working. I moved to my arms, I wear long sleeves and hope that one day it will just all go away. I think too much I cut, they say the wrong thing I cut, to much joking on me I cut, even if they say I look differnent or something I cut. It feels way better that hair...way better.

tata81 tata81
1 Response Dec 1, 2009

is there not anything at all that u could do instead of cut urself u worth more u dont need to put urself though pain i understan i cut alot it hard to stop is so addicting but just think about being able to wear a t-shirt again find a goal to aim for if u eva need a chat i do my best to understand with out judging u xXx