I Want To Cut Myself All The Time

I've never really been happy in life. I used to just cry a lot but 3 years ago I started cutting myself. I think I got the idea from a movie. I actually really enjoy cutting. It's kinda messed up I guess. But I find it as a good way to feel better. I want to cut myself all the time and all over my body, but I can't. I don't want anybody to know and report me to a guidance counselor. It's not like nobody knows, I've told my 6 best friends...but I don't want my family to find out. They would freak and be so devastated. I think it's really not their business what I want to do to my body. But if it weren't for them I'd cut myself every day. I really want to. But it's not a serious problem I think. I don't really cut myself deep, so it's not a danger to my life. The last thing I want is to die. I'm afraid of death.
steenfiend62 steenfiend62
18-21, F
Feb 28, 2010