Finally Happy After So Many Years Of Disfunctional Family!!

I watched my mother and oldest sister treat my Dad horribly for over 15 years, my mother and oldest sister always created drama, issues, problems, and berated him worse as the years went by. My mom did not even live with my dad as she moved out to live with my little brother and his wife, etc. Only when my Dad was dying, did they finally mellow out. I should have stood up more for my Dad, I was always the one left out, and always the one who was the underdog, and taken for granted, and expected to fix all, do all, and give legal advise as I have worked in law enforcement for 18 years. After my 2nd divorce, my wacko sister and mom were upset at me, they did not like my fiancee for any reason, and were very undermining, mean spirited, and were out to destroy us. I never would have believed it, but a close family relative who cared for me forwarded emails and proof my older crazy sister wrote to my ex wife to do just that and stated she wished my now beautiful wife was dead. My ex was unfaithful to me with her 1st cousin, a co worker, and a stranger, I divorced her and my mom, brother, and wacko sister still hang out with her, have her over for holidays, and are nicer to her than ever before. Never mind that I dated my fiancee for 2 years and now have a beautiful daughter with her. My ex jumped on a plane, and flew to morocco 6 weeks after our divorce was finalized and married a man she had never ever met before the 3rd day she was there. Hahahaha, I thought, well, after a few months, I noticed my mom plotting with my sister and she started a fight with her son and daughter and she moved from Nevada back home to be back. There is a nasty battle over debt her kids have to deal with as my sister has never ever been financially responsible and is a train wreck like all her life is. I noticed they started treating me like my Dad so I drew the line, I went and told my Mom if she wanted to see our daughter, she would have to come to my home as we would never ever go to my brothers as he allowed my ex to go there as did she. She stated if you want an ultimatum I will give you one. I told her those were her words to and to go to hell with her fake christian words and evil mean spirit and that I was happy I would never ever see her, or subject my innocent daughter to their head games, drama, bullshit, and evil, negative outlook on life. My sister and her husband are felons, cheats, scammers, and drama divas. My wife and I blocked them all on facebook, and it has been so nice, peaceful, and normal living together with our friends and neighbors who treat us with respect, joy, laughter, and a close bonding with them that those people including my 2 adult kids who are siding with their mom and my mom and crazy sister. I dont miss them, and all they did was take, mooch, and lie. Man, I am so relieved and happy, and wish I would have done this years ago. I think of my Dad all the time, he always warned me about them, and all they did, and how they portrayed themselves as innocent. Even when my sister had another kid out of wedlock, she never told her then husband and when the truth came out years later, she did not reveal the true father and made her ex husband pay 800 a month in child support for 14 years and my mom laughed at that. I was so glad when her next husband was arrested and convicted of major felonies, but she got away with it as the police made a deal for him to take all the rap to keep her out of jaii. Sick twisted people, BUT I am glad these few things of evil they have done, are no longer in my wife and daughters environment along with her side of the family wich is pretty awesome!.
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That must have been a very exhausting decision to make. I'm happy that there is life on the other side of things, and that it's pretty awesome from how it sounds. :)