They Were, Literally, Making Me Sick

My mom runs into my room and screams at me. My dad cusses and lies. My brother beats me up when he's angry.

They're not bad people all the time, but they don't realize how hurtful their behavior is. I've left the house many, many times, only to have to come back because I ran out of money (I have a stress-related chronic illness), to have to leave again. I finally moved to a town 2000 miles away, and suddenly feel so much better...

It's not that I hate them or blame them for everything that's gone wrong in my life. But when I think of everything that's happened, I feel really, really sad.
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1 Response Dec 5, 2012

I think when you are young and with no stable job or income and have these issues, it is definitely a very difficult period to overcome. But moving away from conflict is a start and you have to find the strength to become independent and work hard to free yourself from all these issues. It also took me a long time to be truly free and all I have to say is just hang in there. You will get there.