I Need Opinions: Should I Cut Ties?

There is a long history of abuse here.

My mother would put me down and not do her part as a parent. She would tell me that she didn't like me because I acted like my father - this means that instead of partying or being social, I'd read books or write stories. She saw that as arrogant.

My father preferred my sister and told me that he didn't like me because I looked like my mother. In truth, I look almost identical to her. My sister is darker than I am, so much that we look nothing alike. My sister would steal things from our step-mother and step-grandmother and blame it on me. My father was convinced she could do no wrong, and it wasn't until my step-mother caught her red handed that I stopped being beaten with wooden spoons for her thefts.

My mother favored my sister also because she *wanted* to drink underage and get high all the time. This was how my mother was brought up. I was actually shunned because I didn't see this as 'right', so I didn't go about acting that way. I stayed to myself mostly.

My sister dropped out of highschool after one semester with my mother's blessing. She then went about having parties, random abortions, and being sexually involved with young teenagers that were in my class in elementary school. (At this time, she was 17 and I was 13).

She then made it her personal mission to make my life a living hell. There is obviously some perspective issues here, but when your sister steals everything of meaning that belongs to you, tries to beat you with a hammer and ends up running you out of the house with a knife in the middle of a snowstorm with no coat, socks, or shoes, or maybe even the time when she chased be around the house with a switchblade...

My mother is disabled. She couldn't chase after my sister, never mind try to punish her. I'm pretty sure she gave up or even encouraged this type of behaviour.

There are many other events that transpired. Many times have involved the police, and even a city mediator when she gave me 30 minutes to move my things out of the house our family was renting because my name wasn't on the lease and I couldn't prove I lived there.

Here's where it gets interesting.

She managed to get herself knocked up by an alcoholic who plays computer games all day and doesn't have a job. He was also paid in highschool to kick the everloving sh*t out of her by his 'at the time' girlfriend. His friends left my sister near death on the edge of a river. I was the one who carried her home, so I know how badly she was injured.

He didn't want the kid and has threatened her and the baby (who is now a year and a half) many times. I want to protect the child, and for his sake (at at my grandfather's dying wish) I tried to mend the relationship between us.

Her boyfriend harassed me on the telephone calling me a stupid fat c-word and told me that he was going to slaughter me and kick the sh*t out of me. I was going to charge him until she asked me not to. I told her that I'm going to have this put on his record (yes, he already has a pretty full one) because I know he'll go to jail because of this.

All I asked for was a handwritten apology. I waited two weeks and then she decided to take her boyfriend's side and demand that I give him an apology for hanging up on him at 4:30am when he was trying to get ahold of her. I said no.

She now has decided to take my 'privilege' of seeing my nephew away.

My younger half sister recently came back in to the picture too. She recently married her drug dealer and cut ties with everyone in my family. So now she's back, her drug dealer husband is in jail for armed robbery, and she was going to come and visit me.

She never showed up. Now she's going back and forth with my other sister. My one sister lives in a different province, my sister with the baby lives in the same province as me but lives almost three hours away. They're carrying on and the half sister ignores me completely and the other one is incredibly rude to me and goes out of her way to put me down.

Now that you've read all of this. What do you think?

Should I abandon my nephew to the wolves and cut everyone off or be a silent onlooker with a sham of a relationship with my family?

These aren't the only two options, but they're really the only two that I can see from my stand point.
skrivis skrivis
22-25, F
Dec 15, 2012