I Spend Way Too Much Money On Panties

I own probably hundreds of panties.  I can not get enough of them.  One of my favorite things to do with my panties is go down to the landry room in my building do my wash.  When they come out of the dryer I fold my panties out in the open so that anyone who comes in sees all my cute panties.  One of the many things I do with my panties.  My panty fetish may be worse than guys.

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12 Responses Mar 4, 2009

I tend to be the same about my underwear, although I don't fold them in public but I spend way more on brand name underwear and thongs than normal clothing. I just day dream of owning sexy underwear at the moment. I was lucky to get a woman's thong in the wash by accident and my gf brought it home thinking it was mine. Now I get to wear it just like it was mine and no one is the wiser.

No harm in your "fetish", enjoy, the ones who see them enjoy I'm sure

hope you can see your camel toe thru your panties. that really makes a girl look sexy in panties.

I too spend a fortune on panties... I tend to leave used knickers around or put them where a stranger will find them xxx

go for it and enjoy your not hurting anyone but buy no of comments pleasing many including me

Everyone needs a hobby ;)

mmmm! you make me horny!

I would love to help you fold your pantie and if you wear a size 8 we could swap panties and have fun

I love it, folding your copious collection for all to see. HOT!

Nothing wrong about it. I too have a good collection. It does not hurt anybody and we are happy.

Love to help you fold your laundry!

Nothing wrong with that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!