Cute Panties Indeed!

Last weekend, my girl and I went shopping, just a mall wandering trip. We were there to buy her a few things and then catch a movie. Of course, I wandered around the stores she browsed through and found myself lusting after the panties at every place we stopped. One sales girl noticed at a place called Orchid, and asked if I'd seen anything I liked. I was about to throw out the masculine "Yeah, You.", When my girl/ boss/ stylist spoke up at my side, startling me greatly. Kristin answered for me..." He sees a lot that he likes, but until he stops acting like a little spoiled girl all the time he's going to be getting his intimates off the junior's rack." The clerk left with a less-than-impressed by me look.

Kristin was serious it turned out. Over the last few weeks I'd kept promising to follow orders, blah blah, including the one about swallowing my own load unless she did. I didn't take it very seriously, and got my punishment upgraded to full body shaves, toe-nail polish, and at night, I sleep in barbie, or sponge bob, or anything else we can get from the misses/juniors sections or stores. I wear a lot of disney princess panties and sleep sets in the same themes now. All my restroom, (now 'potty breaks') involve panties around my knees, penis tucked way under, and sitting at all times.

It seems I have to now work my way up through the tweens, until I at least get to be considered a high-school aged ****. Then it's back to slutty, 'hip' lingerie from those irritating stores the 17 year olds shop at.

Honestly, I cant wait to get the barney panties off, lose the spankings, and get to at least dress like a 'big girl' again.

snakekiller29 snakekiller29
26-30, M
Feb 7, 2010