Cybersex And Role Play

I met Rehan on internet and soon we started to cyber. Rehan was very kind and considerate but had little or no imagination. Therefore, I started to write scripts for our cyber sex, where we could both do role plays. Here is one such script from our various cyber sex sessions:

Rabia saw a dream about Rehan and Rabia. In our dream I went for a job interview. I was told by the secretary that senior executive will interview me and I was taken to a meeting room. Immediately afterwards a man in his late 40s came and started to chat up with me. He asked me my name and I started off trying to impress him as I needed the job badly. I replied, my name is Rabia and I’m 34 years old and this is the first time I have seriously looked for a job. I explained because before marriage I lived with my father who has been a lawyer for almost 35 years. He’s had a wonderful career that had allowed me to grow up in the lap of luxury. I guess you could say I’m a bit spoiled. But I was the only child, so I guess it was my birth right. I’ve always been very popular with the boys at my school and in college and later in law school too. They really knew how to appreciate my beauty. I was always a lot taller then most of the other girls, but that never bothered me much. Standing tall at 5′ 6" with long flowing black hair and sparkling brown eyes, I knew how to grab attention. Moreever, being well stacked upstairs with a 34C cup, long legs, 24" waist,  36" hip and a perfectly shaped well rounded *** didn’t hurt either. I am now and was even then pretty petite for my height , weighing only 45kgs then and 54kgs now.

Then I fell in love and got married to my boy friend, who had a good job and my husband never wanted me to work (I guess he was a little possessive and he did not want anyone else to lay their hands on me while he was busy in office. Therefore, I spent more time with friends attending coffee parties and on the beach. Now you can understand why I would rather be on the beach sporting a very skimpy bikini right now instead of wearing “business clothes” and appearing for an interview and begging for a job. But all had changed and with a financial recession my husband lost his cushy job and I desperately needed this job. If I was still my daddy's little daughter or if my husband still had his cushy job, I’d rather be lying on the beach covered in suntan oil with my friends. But my husband said now that he was out of job and was finding it difficult to land a job due to recession and that I had a law degree and in the newspaper there was a job advertisement given by Rehan Law Firm for a legal assistant, I should try to get a job to make our two ends meet. He assured me as soon as he gets a job I can leave and enjoy life at home and with friends and family. Right now it was time to think of our kid’s immediate future. I guess he had a small point, but the beach still sounded very good. He also said because of my looks I had almost 100% chance to get the job. He said when he interviewed for his last office he always gave preferrence to pretty girls over boys, provided of course they had at least as much intelligence as boys. He complimented me that I had both brains and beauty and was sure to ****** the job.

Notwithstanding the assurances of my husband I still prepared hard as I had never practiced law accept for a brief period when I graduated and worked in my father's law firm. The interview went well but there was still competition and I was unsure and a little nervous and anxious. I was also praying to God that I succeed in my endeavour to get this job. While I was engrossed in my thoughts and was almost shocked and pleasantly surprised when the senior manager congratulated me and told me that it was like an “opportunity of a lifetime” to work at Rehan law firm, and it was an honour and a previlege to be associated with Mr. Rehan himself. He explained that the job involved operating as a legal assistant to the owner's son who was a well recognised barrister and I was required to help him with the cases and assist him prepare the case by going over statements for his next hearing for each case. I was told that I have to start immediately from next day. When I was told that it was an "opportunity of a lifetime", I could not even comprehend and contemplate what it meant! Only after joining and working with the law firm, I realise the implication of this job for me, my husband and my family.

Next day I wore my best business suit and promptly came to office on time. My boss arrived a couple of hours later and I came to know later that office hours were different for staff and different for owners / partners. In the morning I completed paperwork and all formalities with HR department and then I was introduced to all staff and in particular my boss's secretary. After 10:00am when my boss arrived I was introduced to him as his new legal assistant. Rehan was much younger then I expected and he was even younger than me. He was handsome, lean atheletic and even a hot in many ways. He spent some time with me explaining my duties, role and responsibilities and his expectations. He also took time out to hand over all the active cases and explained in each case what he wanted me to do. I noticed he was absolutely professional in his conduct with me and also with his secretary. He was calm, cool and considerate in his handling of files, in his briefing and his concentration was amazing. I on the other hand was keen to catch attention of my young, handsome and hot boss and wanted to impress him no ends. Consequently, I was also a little nervous and anxious as I was not getting the attention that I thought I deserved. I was also a little disappointed that he was a very serious man and was not at all interested in person of opposite sex sitting besides him. I felt my age was a barrier between him and me as in my assessment because of my age he was ignoring all my other qualities, like beauty, vital statistics and sex appeal.

After I settled down on my desk with all the files and started to read one file which my new boss told me was urgent and important and he wanted me to prepare a brief, which he would discuss with me in the afternoon, I noticed he called the secretary in his office for dictation and she remained with him the entire period up to lunch break. At 1:00pm we all got one hour lunch break and some office girls showed me where the staff lunch room was. I thanked them for their kindness and shared the table for lunch with them for lunch. While we were having lunch and sharing office gossip, secretary of my boss came to lunch room and took meal for two on a tray and returned to office area. As soon as she was out of sight all the girls started to gossip about her affair with my boss. They said how she spend all the time in the room (one of them quiped probably in his lap) and they always had lunch together in his room and probably spent night together too.

I immdeiately understood why he showed no interest in me. I was older than his secretary and married, and she was young, single and pretty. I told myself I may be older than her but I was no less beautiful, but nevertheless was disappointed on being rejected and also a wee bit jeolous of her. I went back to my desk after lunch to complete the brief and be ready for our afternoon discussion. When I returned home that evening after a day long of work, my husband greeted me with a kiss and gave me a light shoulder massage. He noticed I was quiet and enquired why I was so pensive. I obviously could not share with my husband my disappointment about lack of interest shown by my young boss in me and dismissed it as work fatique as I was not used to such a rountine.
In a week I settled in to my office routine, which involved preparing for the case for the following day, by studying the case file,  interviewing the client, recording his / her statement, analyzing the case, preparing the brief, discussing the case with my boss in the afternoon or evening, which dependent on his schedule. Sometimes he would have no time in the afternoon and early evening and would ask me to stay back late for our daily discussion, which I hated but always obliged. In a little while I became well conversant with my work and in my first six months got several words of appreciation from my boss. At the end of six month period I also got my confirmation letter and I treated everyone in the office over lunch in a close by resturant.

On one day, my boss told me that the next case for which hearing was in two days time was very important and that I should stay back late on both evenings as there is a lot of preparatory work and discussion required. We were both working through the papers and after several hours of studying the file I made remark to my boss in frustration, and said, "Boss, none of this lady’s statements are the same,” I said, as we sat in his dimly lit office late that night.
“I know Rabia, she has not been very cooperative throughout this process,” he answered.
Poor Rehan, he was only 28 years old, but in only a few years of dealing with people such as this lady in these documents had taken its toll on him. He looked tired and much older for his age. 
“Boss, you need a vacation,” I said, playfully messing up his papers in front of him.
“Rabia, stop ******* around honey, I have to have these papers in order when I meet with this horrible woman in the morning,” he said sternly.
I apologized and walked around the desk to help my young boss get the papers organized. As I stood there in front of him, I felt his hand lightly touch my *** as he tried to reach around me and help me fix the mess.
“I’m sorry honey,” he said, his face a light red. “For what, Boss?” I asked, trying to play it off.
I finished re-organizing the papers back to their original spots and went back around to my chair, across from Boss.

As I crossed my legs and tried to get back to my own work, I noticed my panties were a little wet. When did this happen? Oh well, I shrugged it off and got back to work. When I lifted my head and looked across the desk, I noticed my boss kind of spaced out, just tapping his pen on the large stack of papers in front of him.
“Boss, are you okay?” I asked.
“What? No honey, I’m fine,” he answered, suddenly being brought back to reality.
As the night wore on, and the stacks of papers began to dwindle, Boss began to grow weary of sitting in that same spot.

“Rabia, let’s step away from this for a bit, it’s a beautiful night, let’s go stand out on the balcony and stretch our legs,” he said. I agreed and we made our way out to the balcony. Boss was right, it was beautiful outside. A warm summer breeze flowed through my hair, also making my nipples stand at attention underneath my white silk shirt and silky satin bra.
I tried to hide them from my boss, but he looked over at me just as my nipples were as hard as I had ever felt them.

“You remind me of my step mother when she was your age, Rabia,” he said, walking closer to me. “I miss her sometimes Rabia, why did she have to leave my father?” Then he explained to me what his father had explained to him “Well Rabia, sometimes adults don’t act very adult, as in the case of my step mother, she was tired of the family life,” he told me.
I began to think about her and her life with Rehan's father, remembering what the office girl's gossip told me that two years ago when she left her husband and step son, there was just a note on the kitchen counter, explaining that she was leaving “to find herself.”

As my thoughts drifted to his step mother, I felt boss walk up behind me. He wrapped his strong arms around my waist, pushing himself into me. “You are such a beautiful woman, Rabia,” he whispered in my ear. Chills ran down my back and over my entire body, and even though I knew this was wrong, I had no desire to stop it. I just leaned back, nestling into my boss's body, feeling his grip around my waist become tighter. I reached down, taking his hands into mine and brought them up to my ****, so firm and so round. He wasted no time cupping them, gently rubbing my hard as steel nipples beneath the silk. A small moan escaped my lips as I felt him beginning to press up against me. His lips traced my ear, as his breath danced over my lobes. He began to rub my **** harder as he brought one hand up to my blouse.

I looked down and watched his manly fingers unbutton each silver button slowly. He began to lap at my ear lobe, sucking it into his warm mouth. Words failed me at this moment, only moans of pleasure found their way from my lips. As the last button was released, the night breeze helped to open my blouse, exposing my silky satin bra. Boss reached up and slowly slid my blouse off my shoulders, then I felt his fingers slip under the straps of my bra. He moaned into my ear as he slid my bra down, letting my firm **** bounce free. The warm night air created chills all over my body and made my nipples ache as they puckered.

I reached back and slid my hand to my young boss's throbbing ****, which was straining beneath his black dress pants. He began to moan louder as he slid his hands down my pants. I felt the material loosen as he began unzipping the silver zipper. Within seconds, my pants were down around my ankles as I stood there on that balcony, just in my panties. I closed my eyes as my young boss began kissing my shoulders and sliding his tongue down my back, tracing my spine. I reached forward, grabbing the rail, causing my back to arch and my *** to thrust out towards my young boss. He moaned as he made his way down to my ***, gently licking my crack.

“Boss, take me,” I moaned in a soft slutty whisper. He stood up and I heard the zipper from his pants go down and as they came to a rest at his ankles. I came to known that night that my boss didn’t wear underwear so when he pressed his young **** to my not so young *****, it was a bit of a surprise. He placed his hand on the small of my back, gently pushing me forward a little further. His other hand came to my hip, using it to help him guide his throbbing **** into me.

Suddenly a warm rush of pleasure covered my body as my young boss's thick **** slid into me. My grip grew tighter as the tips of my nipples kissed the cool balcony railing.
“Oh God, Rabia your *****’s so tight baby,” he moaned as he slowly began working his **** in and out of me. I looked over my shoulder at his face lit by the summer moonlight and gave him an approving smile. Slowly I worked my hips back and forth, helping to get his **** inside me deeper and deeper. I licked my lips and whispered, “Mmmmmm **** me Boss, I’ve always wanted your **** inside me.”

This spurred him on further. He began bucking his hips, picking up his pace. I turned back around and looked out over the city below. So much activity, and yet my world seemed to be standing still as I stood here, feeling my boss ******* me. “I’ve wanted you for so long baby,” he whispered. And that seemed to spur me on further as I gripped the railing with a death grip and began thrusting back towards my young boss. My hot not so young ***** milking his **** tightly, then releasing. He moaned into the warm summer night. His thrusts deep and penetrating. I could feel the tip of his **** push up against my womb. And I moaned like a wounded animal. My entire body tingling, wanting so badly to *** on my boss's ****.

Thoughts of office gossips and him and his secretary ******* when I was a working on my dsk these past six months began to race through my mind. I thought of all the times I would sit on my desk during mornings or at home lay in my bed at night and finger myself, fantasizing and imagining my boss’s naked body on top of his petite secretary. I would image his moans, much like the moans I was hearing tonight. And suddenly I became jealous. Out of nowhere I had become jealous of his secretary. Could she have sensed that? Is that why she never liked me and hardly talked with me?

Suddenly, I was a woman possessed. I began lurching back, ramming my young boss's  **** into me with brute force. I wanted him to **** me savagely. I wanted his **** to claim my ***** as his. I wanted my young boss’s *** to flood me. I wanted him to think I was a better **** then his younger secretary and I wanted him to always prefer me over her. “Oh God Rabia, don’t stop baby, please don’t stop,” he begged. Again I turned around and looked at him. The expressions on my young boss’s face were unlike any I had ever seen before. I knew at that moment that I had taken him somewhere he had never been. I also realized I had won over his secretary. This drove me harder as my ***** ****** his ****, swallowing and inhaling it as if my ***** had been starving all these years.
I felt his warm tight nut sack slapping me. I could feel his pubic hair being mashed down and tickling me each time I slid my not so young slutty ***** down to the base of his rock solid ****. He now had both hands on my hips and was drilling me hard from behind. His young breaths were ragged and labored. I could hear his young heart pounding inside his chest.
My body was like a volcano about to erupt. I could feel my clitoris swelling and puckering, wanting so badly to squirt my juices. My **** swayed with the motion of boss's thrusts, kissing each other.

“Oh My God Rabia, I am gonna *** baby, oh god tell me you want me to *** inside you Rabia, say it now!!!” he begged. “Mmmmmmmm god yes Rehan, *** inside my hot slutty *****, flood me with your ***, please please please Rehan!!!” I answered right back.
And just like that, my young boss was ******* inside me. Flooding me with what seemed to be gallons of hot thick and warm ***. I could feel his young **** ******* deep within me, unloading squirt after squirt of his seed. That triggered my climax and I stood there, leaning over that balcony railing. While wave after wave of total abandon hit me. I had never had a climax quite that deep. My body shook and quivered as Rehan’s **** finished unloading inside me.

My mouth was dry as I struggled to catch my breath. My knees were weak and my tummy felt like a thousand butterflies were playing tag inside it. And my ***** was contracting, milking my boss's young **** of every last drop of *** he had left. We both just stood there, trying to catch our breath and to also savor the moment. Rehan patted my *** as he slowly withdrew from me. I turned around and faced him as he wrapped his arms around me, pressing my large **** to his young chest. We stood there for a few minutes kissing and caressing each other. We both said I love you as I placed my head on my boss’s chest, just holding him tightly to me.
That night was the first time my young boss and I ever ****** and I was convinced I was victorious and his secretary was history. This was a coup of sorts and I had conquered his heart, mind, soul and imagination. Thereafter it was I who ruled in that office and me who spent all the time in his lap. It was I who had lunch with him and behind the excuse of work went on evening and late night dates with him.

I started to spend so much time with Rehan and away from my home and family that my husband got real suspicious and as soon as he got a job he asked me to resign. At first Rehan refused to accept my resignation and asked me to divorce my husband and move in with him. I told him I can divorce my husband if he agrees to marry me and he said he would love to but his father will not agree, but he was willing to buy an apartment for me and live with me. I did not want a life of prisoner and rejected it. I assured him that even aftger resignation I was his and will be with him when ever he wanted and we agreed to a workable solution, where day time on week days he could call me on short notice and I would come over for sex any time he wished. Evenings I devoted one evening per week for him but not a weekend.

That’s been 5 years now, but I still think of the night that I felt my boss Rehan’s young and hard **** inside me ……. that warm summer night. And realize that the passion we shared has never been matched by any man since, which is why I continue to go to him again and again. That was also why I cyber again and again to seek out a relationship that can give me what my beloved Rehan did.
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Love the storyline

Is this story true? Sorry I'm overly curious

The detail was placed so well into the story. You must have a lot of skill as a writer.

Indeed I loved it. Quite amazing, believe me. =D

Great script, gets you right into the story. So much depends on believing what you're reading, doesn't it?