I Am still Inlove With This One Dude , I would Give Anything just to Be With Him , Today I Finds Out He Is TALKING TO MY SISTER !!!! I Wanna **** Both Of them Up . He Told My sister All We Had Between Eachother Was A Nice Convo , No Niggah We Were Inlove , Atleast I Was , It Hurts So Much To Know That She Was About To go Out On a Date With Hym , IM FREAKING PISSED LIKE REALLY !!! WHAT SHOULD I DO , I want To Just KILL MYSELF !!! Grrrrrrrrrrr . . . . . . . . .
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2 Responses Aug 15, 2014

Don't do that. It is quite possible that you sister is just stuck in the middle if he lied to her like that. just go talk to her calmly and I am sure everything will work out fine. As a matter of fact the guy has two butt cheeks. You and your sister can give him a boot out the door together.

Please dont kill you're self. It just seems like He was more important to you then You were to him. Im so sorry that happened and mabye you're sister didnt know. Try to move on. You will find someone better. Im here for you If you need a friend