Thinking of you ~C~. I always do. There hardly passes a moment in the day where you're not on my mind. My love for you is firmly ingrained in my soul. I know what your limitations are. I still fail to understand your desire to live and abide by such restrictions. I don't understand why you'd choose to live without loving nor being loved. But, that's your choice.

~C~, you need to understand I love you totally. Completely. Undeniably. I've told you repeatedly you have my heart in your hands. You vowed to be careful with it. You broke that vow once. However, I forgave you for it. You now have my heart in your hands once again. Please, don't break it. I don't think I can handle such heartbreak a second time around.

If I had half a chance, you know I'd be by your side in a heartbeat. I just wish you'd open up your heart and open up your mind to the possibility of being honestly and truly loved.
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Thank you. Still as heart felt now as the moment I wrote this.