I'd love to be nude in the woods. I used to fantasise about this when I was a child...the idea of being free, feeling the warm breeze on my body. Being more intune with Mother Nature...
Kinda depends a little on what country though...in the U.S. you only have to watch out for the occasional mosquito. In the U.K. it'd be a more of a challenge, as I HATE clegs and midgies are a pain in the arse too. Ah but still, a girl can dream, even if it's somewhat unrealistically.
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You can do it! Think about some locations nearby that are wooded and go there, take your clothes off. You will love the feeling being naked in nature. Then as you get more bold walk around, leaving your clothes in a hidden spot. If/when you decide to take longer naked walks, carry your clothes in a small back pack with you in case you have to get dressed in a hurry :)

Yes I know what you mean. I have always fantasized about being nude in the wilderness with a lady friend and having s*x on a big flat rock slab in the warm shade. Then relaxing on our backs and feeling the warm breeze blowing over our nude body parts.

Do you still live in Scotland or are you in the US?

I live in the woods and love the privacy and the freedom that goes with it. The freedom that I enjoy the most is that of being nude. It's one social taboo that I can and do ignore.

I like to get naked down by the river or at the lake

I love going nude in the woods a greatdeal where i live in ca iba
i am an hr away from the pine trees a lake and a small camp ground down from the lake and there are trails that lead to the lake and a college summer camp for younger women i was sitting on a loinger with my legs spread let the breeze hit my bls i started getting er a out of the blue i heard sounded like 6 female voices i closed my legs but not before they walked up i wasvgoing yo cover myself they ssid nobplease they sll wrre beautiful. It was just them forgetting which trail and me just gettingbreadybhokebto.the lake i will sayvthis we all now abd the hije together and yes we had sex and i am an avid bush lover and they had them but yes we fish ip there hike walk around nude its a blast

September is a good time to go in the woods, as the biters seem to be mostly gone and the weather can still be warm. Even better, if you go out late evening or nighttime, there are no insects at all. Bliss.

once school started here in TX i noticed fewer people when i go for runs at the state park. that's offered more chances to ***** down for dips in the lake at the halfway point. good news for you, if someone sees a naked woman in the woods there is less chance you'll be reported.

The freedom is amazing! So too, is being one with nature. I enjoy walking in the woods , looking for the deer and other wildlife as I do.

I love being nude outside and try to be so everyday. There are woods near my house and I hike through them nude as often as I can. Tomorrow I'm heading up to Gunnison Beach which is a nude beach in northern New Jersey. So excited !

Good for you. Might as well enjoy, our nice weather will soon fade away.

Been there done that and plan to do it again.

Clegs are terrible, nude or not. If you try and find a woods which is quite open with good airflow, insects are fewer, I find midges tend to hang over damp ground and at the edges of a woods. been nude in the countryside plenty and suffered very few stings or bites, brambles, gorse and nettles are a bigger worry. Hope you get try woodland nudity one day.

They are, I found out recently that they are related to horse flies (makes sense.)
I hope I do too.

One good place is along abandoned railroad tracks.

Hmmm, interesting, what makes them so special for you?

Less bugs it seems. I can see far away. It's easier on the feet. Nobody seems to like these (Too boring I guess). Those I do meet, I will hint and at times they will join me. We carry our clothes in our hands most times until we get back to the car.

I think I'd have to at least do flip flops no matter where I wandered..but good that you have company join you sometimes.

Oh, yes, I do wear something on my feet. The path is all gravel, and you never know when you may have to take a run for the bushes.

I always thought Clag was just another name for horsefly, I grew up in the countryside and it's just what we called them. Too cold for nude anything today.

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I love being naked in the woods and would love to live in a nudist community so I can be naked all the time