I grew up in places where there were lots of forests. I spent my summers exploring them and knew them better than anyone for miles around my house. I had a few swimming holes where I would skinny dip on hot summer days. There was hardly ever anyone around, although a couple times I had to hide in the bushes while the rare hiker(s) would walk by. After a couple of summers of this, I realized that aside from the fun of swimming, it was really fun to be nude in the woods. The freedom is hard to describe. I would walk around naked in the trees and along the creek a lot for a few more summers when I lived there. Now, I'm in my 40's and remembering how much fun it was. I don't have too many options to be nude where I live now, but last summer I was on my boat on a mountain lake. There was no one around so I took off all my clothes and just floated there on a lake, in the buff, for a couple hours. It was just like old times, and makes me want to do more of it. I'll be looking for more opportunities before this summer ends.
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More power to ya'!

Ah, the joys of being young and discovering the wonderful feeling of being nude in nature.

Being naked in the woods is an awesome experience. Totally naked is the way to go.