Not to sound weird or anything but anyways, I live in the city and there's not many woods here, and the ones that are here are very public but I'd like to go nude one day in the woods but only whilst it's raining, though I wouldn't want to be seen, it would be for myself, it just sounds like it would be soothing and relaxing somehow, think if dance in the rain too :P weird I know
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perfectly normal. being naked outside is great

I love being naked in the rain, especially when I can lie down and feel the rain splashing all over my body. It's very sensuous, though invigorating rather than relaxing. Lying down naked on wet grass has a similar effect - especially face down ;)

Not weird at all. Nude is almost always more fun. Being seen nude is nice, too.

You just have to be a bit careful as to where and when you are seen. Some people get all freaked out when they see anyone naked

I use to go to the "local" nudist club and there I could walk anywhere nude, in the woods, in the pool, in the "little store" and yes we even got to walk and dance in the rain a time or two. Since I've retired, I've moved out of the city and rent a small cabin in the middle of 45 acres. It is a 1/4 mile drive from the mailbox to the house and there is a sign on the gate that says Clothing Optional beyond this point.

I have acres of woods so I go out often nude and walk around the trail, especially at dusk to dark.

Its not weird, its perfectly natural. Once you do it, you'll want to be out naked in the woods in sunshine, cloudiness and all weather. Well for me, not cold we, but some ppl like that too.

It's not quite the same as walking in the woods, but I highly recommend walking on golf courses at night if you can find one close to you in the city. It's great since the city lights will allow you to walk around without hurting yourself, and also make the golf course look incredibly dark to anyone on the outside looking in, so you won't be seen by anyone, including people you can see as you look from the golf course to the outside world.

It feels so good. Rain all over your nude body feels so good and so sexual.

I agree with you that rain on your body feels so good but I would have said that it was a "sensual" feeling.

perfectly normal actually. and i can tell you, its very relaxing.

Not weird. Being nude in nature is such a wonderful feeling. Don't give up on that dream and someday it will come true.

Not weird darling

That's a nice thought.