It's kinda sad that the age group here is somehow high. It's like the younger generation are so prude. I wonder who's fault it is.
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3 Responses Aug 18, 2014

I think there has been a noticeable shift toward humility again. I'm not a fan really.

the shift you are referring to is the whole conservative shift in society that dates back to the early days of Dubya and the rise of the NeoCons

all the responses to your query speak to your problem. The reality of what Beastman111 and deavesl708 say is part of the answer but more likely what Billfreed says. I have, as I get older, am more likely to explore all of those avenues that seemed to be closed as a younger guy.

I will tell you whos fault it is . Its the dam narrow minded minority of society including our government in uk and I suspect its the same in every country.