I like to ********** in exciting, different and dangerous places. Does anyone else? Where?
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The thought of getting caught ************ in different places is the thrill. What will happen? Just watched, caught by an authority figure arrested or made to pleasure them, best of all joined by whomever is watching

************ where the chances of being seen n or caught is hot. Driving at nite, naked n stroking. Seen by police n pulled over.

I love to >>> in the water whether its the beach, hot tub, pool. being naked and .... with the warm water around you is amazing

Very Hot

In the bus and in the cinema. But i never come in that situations.

once... out of a apartment window

in class

yes anywhere outdoors that is secluded or my backyard its nice in the herb garden laying on the moss paved path

in some woods near the beach a lot of guys go there a crusing place

Nothing better than in a shady clearing in the forest, very earthy

************ in the woods is great. So are parking lots. Driving. Hotel windows.

Jeez, I remember when I was really young going behind the local "shopping center" and taking all my clothes off. Looking back I can't believe I didn't get caught.

I'm surprised that there's just us guys responding. Do women not like some adventurous ************?

Men are just more open sexually and not afraid to venture out!

There are plenty....there are just not a whole lot of women who are comfortable enough with themselves to admit it. Definitely driving in the car, dressing rooms, public bathrooms (as long as they are clean), elevators (never get to finish obviously, but it's a fun place to start), pools (water jets are great).

Female ************ is so hot. Women are so soft and sexy. To see one caressing and playing w their own body is amazing. To see that building ****** is erotic and to watch her go over the top and relieve herself is beyond words.

Add me and I'll tell more

At work, driving, while I mow the yard, in front of door to door magazine salespeople ...

I haven't had the chance to do this in a long time, but there was a large forest behind our place when I was growing up. I went out there all the time as a teenager. Being naked in the woods was exciting.

There was also an old barn not far from our house - within sight of it, in fact. Starting the summer I was 14 going on 15, I kept a couple of blankets and a bunch of supplies up in the hayloft. I remember spending many long, hot summer afternoons up there, right through college when I was home in the summers.