I'm often nude outdoors, but it is usually on a beach, the boat, or at home. Our home is on Jon's family's estate which has a well maintained hedge but only a few old trees. We rarely have the opportunity to walk nude in a true woods. Only a few nudist friendly campgrounds have had many trees to enjoy. It seems ages ago. If you are able to enjoy a nudist walk in the woods often... you are lucky! How I envy you!!
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I love walking nude in the woods. It's just a question of getting out early when nobody' say out or going somewhere remote.

You must come to America. We have lots more open spaces for this kind of thing... I'd be happy to show you around ; )

I used to be able to walk nude in my woods, but recent years have seen too many houses built too close.

We used to have a thousand acre wilderness on Lake Nacimiento where we could wander naked on miles of beautiful trails and skinnydip in the lake. Now we are in SoCal with a small backyard and a pool. We do have a 6 foot block wall and some nice trees for privacy, and do occasionally get up the nerve to jump off the roof naked into the pool.

I havnt got woods but 10/15 minute drive is a place where I can walk nude along the coastal cliffs and down to a nudist beach . It is great in summer and can wonder round for ages enjoying the view out to sea and enjoy the sun and the breeze on my naked skin.


I just came in from mowing my trail with just my shoes on, did not attract any attention. I enjoy the thought of being seen. It was just too hot for clothes, LOL

I enjoy walking my trail thru the woods most mornings and evenings. wondering when someone will come in my driveway and see me, Oh Well

yes, but do you think I should put up a sign that says beware of nudist

I used to have woods all around my house and would walk nude weather permitting. Unfortunately, I didn't own enough of the woods and now there are other houses too close.