it that gives me vital forces, self-confidence and a healthy tone. On walks I especially sharply feel as the person of Earth. I have unlimited opportunities to be engaged in it, almost since the childhood. That I with pleasure also do on present time. For me there is no best rest, than this.
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It's great to walk nude in woods - glad you did it when you wanted

Trying to inbox you but ep is not allowing me to. I presume you have to inbox me first or add me. Sounds freaky right :)

Naked outdoors in the middle of a virgin forest...or even on the heights of an alpine meadow. ..a wonderful feeling

Nude outside is that feeling of freedom and relaxation.

Another great experience. After reading your two stories here so far, I think you would enjoy reading my "featured story" here on EP:

It is tranquil and beautiful. To feel the air. The sun. Even the rain brush over your naked body.

Yeah being naked with nature, is the most pure and natural form of expression. ! Embrace nature, through our nudity! i always love 2 be naked outdoor, so that i can enjoy the aroma of woods, the sound of rivers, the happiness of birds, the touch of grass ... so riveting n natural.!