Love the feeling of morning dew on my feet. The birds chirping and squirrels climbing trees. The sound of the steam splashing over the rocks. I find a nice spots in the woods were the sun shines on a log and *****. I begin to shiver slightly until I lay on the log and have the sun beat on my skin. No one around but gods animals. I soak up nature and let all my worries slip away.
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You would love the area that's about give miles from my house. It's a very large wooded area surrounding an abandoned quarry and closed of to public access. I go there and go on nude hikes leaving all my clothes behind. Check out some of my stories and pics. The most recent one is in "I'd Like To Be Nude On The Woods"

I feel the same way but between the bears and snakes and cops its kinda hard around my area to due it . They like to pick you up and charge you with lewdness . Even my yard is to small so have to run around the house when wife is not home .

Try finding a nudest club.. I just recently found one by me but haven't visited yet

Know any in England?

I have a small wood nearby and I often walk through it naked at night. I also walk he streets naked (very late), I t is an awesome feeling!