My nocturnal (or circadian) rhythm seems to be longer than the day, which I recall is generally the case according to some studies on sleep rhythm without clock or sun as guide. Truly, there seems to be far too few hours to a day for me...

Of course the problem is mine tends to bend that way even WITH the clock and sun. I'm lucky, supposedly, to have a job that allows me to largely follow my own clock as it were. But this is not without a fair bit of problems, not the least because it's rather restless and noisy during the day, not counting temperatures etc. and thus my daytime rest tends to be more about laying in bed than about sleep. And of course, that night-time is kinda limited as to the kinds of activities you can have.
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Well said, most are not aware of the circadian rhythms. I have always been nocturnal but had to comply with "normal" time all through life until I recently retired, yay! I have never ft more in sync. Go down 7-8am and wake 3-4pm. Love this clock!

When I lived in Alaska, where the days and nights are "whack" anyway for those who worry about an external normality, I found that, left to my own devices, I'd be up for about 18 hours, then sleep for 9.