Not that I am very old but it's quite natural to be wanting to be younger than I am right now.

But each phase in a life cycle has it's own advantages and disadvantages. So obviously when we are wanting to be younger again we always think of it's advantages and wish that we be in that stage of our life with only the advantages and not with the disadvantages that came along with it.

If only things were as simple and easy, one technological company would have already started building an app which would make you younger or older as per your preferences and send you back in that stage of your life..

I know I can't go back to that stage in my life but can I recreate that same phase right now ? can I look younger than I look right now ? can I think younger than my age right now but still act maturely as per my age ?

well yes it can be done.. so wouldn't that be an advantage too?
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

what about facelift? surgical removal of skin...
I don't wanna be young again. I want to be at my age when I am fearless.

ha ha facelift!! I was thinking of natural ways to look younger and no better way than exercising ..

Well, it's the fastest way but you shouldn't be afraid of needles. I am...Lol

I hate the doctors .. so I rather take the longer route than the fastest one