Maybe not anything, but most things. As long as it's legal and reasonably safe I see no reason not to at least try. After all how do you know if you like something if you never give it a try.
No heights allowed though.
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I'd love to go skydiving!

That's what I tell people every time I try to get them to taste something new

What would u like to try that u haven't tried yet?

Illegal and unsafe are worth trying too.

See? Already expanding your horizons. Developing an increased risk taking capacity. Yay!

Have u been having hooker sex without protection??? Naughty man ;) hehe (only joking ofc)

No! Some risks aren't worth entertaining.


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Go for it........skydiving while eating a cheeseburger. Just imagine

Define reasonably safe? :)

seems like the worst case scenario, what about lesser consequences

I was hoping you would point some out, but nevermind :)