Friend Gets A Treat....part2

Several times after that night Jim made sure to be close to the house around time to eat. Cheryl listened to the radio to see how to dress to tease Jim the most and turn us both on. So I asked her to wear a tube top and short skirt just in case something went down with him.

Jim noticed right off the way her nipples were trying to poke holes in her top......and the way she showed off more that just legs when she bent over in that skirt. the meal went well with a lot of joking and teasing going on and as Jim got ready to leave, we walked with him to his truck...only thing was we stood right up to his door instead of arms length.

As we talked business, I began once again to play with Cheryl's ****.....then pulled the tube top down, exposing both of her ****....Jim stuttered and kept his eyes glued to her ****. I said "Jim. Do you want to see how firm they are? I'm sure Cheryl will let you if you ask her sweetly." but all he could do is grin and try to form the words. Cheryl asked him if he wanted to feel them and he just shook him head so she took one of his hands and placed it on her ***.

I let him fondle and squeeze her **** a few minutes before I told Jim he needed to stick to the program and get to work. He groaned and said his goodbyes and drove off. Cheryl said she was very moist and needed *******. "Was I up for it or should she call Jim back?" and I told her let's see how I do...if I could last long enough to satisfy her....or we'd call Jim to help out......I lasted!!!
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You know I always love your adventures!