I just ruined everything
How can I make this fu*king life better???
So insane :(((
I'm so upset
17 years old and nothing just nothing!😥😥😔
kimi97 kimi97
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How are you doing now? :)

I'm fine now

Calm down sweetie. What is wrong

Wow so young to be in rush. Is something wrong with you that's making you not happy. Please share if you want

life sucks.. and it does get tougher but it also gets better.. some things you have no controll over.. im 15 years old facing depression and anxiety. this time last year i wouldnt get out of bed.. wouldnt text my friends.. but now ive lost weight and im getting better. honestly it does get better.. get yourself active.. not happy with your weight? change it.. not happy with your social life? get some new friends.. honestly just make drastic changes.. die your hair bright pink if it makes you happy.. good luck

& thanks
Such a big help:)

I know life always is tough, but it only gets tougher. As it does, you need to get stronger or else life will beat the **** out of you. You can make life better by developing a thick skin. I was an escapist. I smoked and drank way too much. 10 years later I am dying of cancer. I think you still have a chance.

I wish you become better
But I haven't found my way, there's no time ,this is really bad:((

Either you want to die or you want to live