This is, at once, an appealing concept, this idea of being able to go back to what we now know were fateful moments in time and alter the course of our history. Hindsight offers such clarity it misleads us into thinking we could've changed what happened to us, but it's a deception of the highest order.
Cause and effect is what's motivated us all to make the decisions we've made, to do the things we've done. While we may be able to change the immediate outcome of a single incident, we cannot change the undercurrents which necessitated the decision we made or the action we took.
"If I had done this, that or the other thing perhaps my relationship wouldn't have ended," we say.
We get lost in the pain, the loss, and the anger which accompanies what we most wish to change about our pasts and we fail to realize the things that motivated us to do this, that or the other thing would have manifested themselves in some other way.
Our past is a shadow from which there is no escape, no reprieve and no respite. It's always just a step behind us, waiting to invade our hearts and minds, and steal away what little peace we may find in the small hours.
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but to go back and not be born alive would solve everything

I know what I'm supposed to say to that, but the simple truth is that you're right.