It's Only A Wee Perversion...

It may be a strange little kink, but I for one am greatly turned on by girls (and maybe boys, and certainly trannies) who get a kick out of peeing and pantie-wetting. I love seeing women pee. Seeing women wetting their panties is even more of a turn-on, and the ultimate is having a woman wet herself over me (it happened once!). I also admit to wetting my own knickers when I'm cross-dressed now and then.

I'd love to hear from other fans in the UK, or maybe even from overseas friends who might be visiting our sceptred shores (or is that sceptic?)

56-60, T
1 Response Feb 19, 2010

I for one would love to read about your adventures, crossdressed, wearing a skirt knickers, and wetting. If you are having fun, write and let us know.