I really do! Not only on EP but also in real life. But sometimes I feel that people don't want to be helped. They just want to complain and are stuck in a vicious cycle/rut that I can't help unstick them from. Then I realize that I am wasting my time/energy that is best used in helping myself. It's a difficult balance trying to help others but also knowing one's own boundaries. :(

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Yes...we want to help.Circumstance sometimes dictates our attempts.Should we stop?Never MIlady:)

I have been an empathy most of my life. That is why I try so hard to help others. I feel them....Catch22 here... If I am around a soul that the pain is great... It floors me, changes me, I then carry their mindset... I fight to get myself right again. Some days ... I am not balanced enough to relate to other's pain ... so I "must" keep to myself or hang with others that carry joy and love inside them.

Let me put it to you this way, Lagatta. I believe that we can't save every person we encounter. And there are some who we can't help but who someone else can. We can't make others want the help. But what we can do is our best to point the way. You never know when a person will be closed to an idea in the moment but after something else happens in their life, they will remember what we told them and act on that. There have been some things I know were like that for me in terms of help I initially rejected but later acted on. And if nothing else, it gives us a chance to practice helping that might make us better able to help the next person.

I think over time and looking at some of your posts that you've made a lot of differences in other people's lives. You have just by entering into mine and giving me advice and your input on situations and questions. It is disheartening sometimes because you want to do more but for some people that just isn't possible and some really do just want to 'get it out' and use this venue to do that. Nothing wrong with that and I've yet to run into too many people on here that are really intentionally hurtful or thoughtless in their posts. I go on some other support sites to participate and more times than enough wish I hadn't even exposed myself to the criticisms some people have of other people in their lives.
I wouldn't sell yourself short legatta, you're a special person with a wonderful talent of communicating. No doubt in my mind if you're able or have made a difference being there for people. You have.

Awwwwwwwwwwwww......... :)

agreed. so i feel, ideally one should have the helping attitude but one should not pursue for long.
as we cant afford to drain ourselves pulling the pig out of mud thinking it is in bad state while it is simply enjoying there. :)

lol.....I got a chuckle from " pulling the pig out of mud". I've never heard of that expression before! But yes, it's draining sometimes.