It's Rough Out There

 and I have to say I really appreciate the support and encouragement I receive daily from my EP friends. I wonder whether we couldn't take this a step further and see how we can help each other practically. With leads for example. They say that 80% of jobs come from referrals and I know that posting a resume on the web is like throwing yourself into a black hole. 

Thoughts? Suggestions? Anyone?

penguinswon penguinswon
2 Responses Feb 10, 2009

Would love to talk. Can't help you in the woman dept.

After such a long time I'm surprised no-one picked this up.
I am in uk, top rate inventor in need of an honest business partner.
I'm fed up with crooked, greedy men, and would love the right woman.
Why not try me.
Peter x

EP Networking
Hello there,
I tried to email you without success.

I was the guy who messaged about this.

My problem is that EP is a secret part of my life. If you read my profile, you\'ll understand.
However, I\'m interested to see what might be possible.
I think that I read that you write erotc stories.