I had a wonderful night once with a gorgeous bi couple. It was one of the horniest nights of my life.
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how did you meet the couple, if you don't mine me asking?

Describe it to us!

Great fantasy! Mine is to be on a chair with the lithe twenty something female sat penetrated on me, facing me whilst we share orally serving her partner, taking turns competing to see who can "win" his delicious load... Yum!
Can't imagine it with my own age though!!

Have spent the night with a bi couple a few times it was very hot!!!

I'll bet it was. How and where did you meet them, what was the age difference and are you still friends, or in contact, with them?

I've been with couples before in my past, but never with a bi, or bi-curious couple. Something I intend to change as soon as I can find a couple who is willing. I want to be hit on, picked up, taken home, seduced and tag-teamed by them both; sucking my penis and balls together until I explode and, hopefully, knocks me out.

That's what happened to me. It was so horny.

Incredible! I am so envious and I'd like to hear all about it. Just the thought turns me on.

Send me a private message and we'll chat about it.

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wish you could join us

I'm available and ready.

I'd love to. Message me.

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