Buying Pointe Shoes

I think my most humiliating and sissy experience ever was to get fitted for pointe shoes when I started taking pointe lessons with the girls in my ballet school. I went to my local dance store with a couple of my girlfriends from class. As the girls were trying on new leotards, I explained that I was starting pointe class and I had to be fitted for pointe shoes. The lady was a bit surprised at first but said she had male dancers from time to time and then she sat me down on the bench and asked me to take off my shoes and socks and put some pink thin socks. She then handed me a few pair of pointe shoes to try and I had to releve in first and fifth. I bought a pair of gaynor minden with a pair of pink tights to go my tights, so happy
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I know that ballet is hard enough for girls I tried it, it must be really hard for a guy.

It's great that you were supported in dancing on pointe. I was a ballet/modern dancer for years and I had a male friend who had pointe shoes large enough for me so I took two pointe classes in them with another guy. We did it to see what it was like but mainly because it strengthens one's feet/ankles and on pointe you have to hold your turn-out correctly instead of jamming your feet into a fully turned-out position but leaving your legs "un-turned-out". Guys have no idea how much harder it is to turn out and balance and just about everything on pointe.

But I want to clarify to those who don't know that male ballet dancers don't dance on pointe. I mean, there are a few classical roles where a male plays a female for comedic effect, or a male dances on pointe in a donkey costume to imitate hooves, but in almost all cases men don't wear or perform in pointe shoes. Please, don't misunderstand me: I have no problem with it. I'm just pointing this out because I've found that many people have almost no exposure to ballet and they assume that all dancers, male and female, dance on pointe. Most of us guys have too much upper body weight and inflexibility in our feet and ankles to be able to be very graceful on pointe, although some males can definitely pull it off very well.

Hi honey

It sounds wonderful. Bet you had a great time buying them. I think you'll look so sweet and sexy in pink tights. I'm getting hard thinking about you.


Fabulous sweetie

Wow that's great! I heard it's really hard and painfull as well, but it looks so beautifull! Much respect for all dancers bringing it up!

wow, you can dance on pointe shoes?! that is amazing! I've always dreamed of doing that... be proud! its wonderfull to see people doing things they love to!