I post a question the other day to ask if anyone been to Indonesia and somebody said that Indonesia is the most 10 dangerous country, I just feel sad if people judging without any proove. Can you guys see the image of paradise? So many Australian is living in Bali, so many Americans came to ubud every year, even Julia Robert make a movie in Bali, lots of expat living all around Indonesia. Still saying it's a dangerous place? There is news on the newspaper and movie and tv? Can't u see the truth?
Jasonaditya Jasonaditya
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1 Response Sep 1, 2014

I'm an Asian and Bali is a relatively safe place to visit in this area. There are unlucky cases like Bali bombing and tsunami which happened few years ago. My distant relative live in jakata, they are well to do family and had to hire body guards. If you are going, it is best in a group. I have been to batam several time and it is pretty safe in my opinion, however I do not travel to remote areas.