I have to! There is no options! Losing means failure, and failure is not approved. Winning means glory, honor, and happiness. Without it there would be no love. Maybe that's why I don't love. I don't win. When I do it is bitter sweet. I get pride but my parents brag, making the world hate. Why can't things stay in the past? The best things always should.
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take your time, you get ahead of yourself

Whoa. You got some things twisted there. Winning doesnt give you happiness. You give you happiness. Failure is not always bad. Some people see failure as a sign that something wasnt supposed to happen and some see it as a way of learning something. Your thinking at the moment, your disernment of winning and losing is making you lose hindsight of the bigger picture. Put the programmed thoughts of winning and losing aside and really focus on what would make you happy.

lol I wrote this the way my mom wants me to see things

well your mom has things twisted then. lol.