Watching Her Get Nipply!

My second wife had a great figure, and perfectly formed breasts. One afternoon in the early spring on we went to the local nursery to pick up some shrubs for the front flower bed. When we got to the nursery I commented she wasn't wearing a bra like she usually did, and she said that since all we were doing was working around the house she just threw on a snug t-shirt and jeans and called it good. I couldn't keep my eyes off her chest, and at the nursery she started getting self conscious about it. I just told her I thought she looked sexy as hell. I usually am horny anyway, so I "accidentally" sprayed her chest with a water bottle I picked up. Her face got red and she had a stern look on her face, knowing I did it on purpose. When I saw her nipples getting hard I couldn't resist and asked if that was the only part of her that was wet. Her face got redder, and she crossed her arms and told me she'd be in the car. When we got home fifteen minutes later we barely made it in the door before we were both naked and on the couch.
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I love reading erotic sories. Makes me want to go to the local **** store.

wet, moist and sweet huh?

Lactating has made my nipples stand tall nearly constantly. I love that constant "aroused" look they have. It's like they are out there begging to be tweeked, and of course, when he does give 'em a bit now and then, it is soooo yummy! Nips on display are fun!

I love it when I let down my milk and my bra and top get wet all on their own...never fails to get noticed by men and hungry women alike!

Great story. Glad she went without the bra and that you enjoyed it so much. She should've had a better sense of humor when you got her **** wet, but at least you ended up in the sack. Fun adventure, hope you get a chance to repeat it.

Alas, the only good thing about our relationship was the sex. It's been over for a while now.

Now just get her to show them on purpose!! Maybe have her see the reactions she's getting, making her really get wet! ; ) You'd probably have a hot session when you got home after that!

I found your story arousing, I like reading stories involving a married man appreciating his wife ;)

Fun (almost). At least it ended well - my wife would have cut me off if she got angry like that.