Why can't I stop thinking about him? He haunts my dreams and waking hours... he didn't want me... why can't I stop wanting him? Loving him? I wish there was some way to turn off the memories...
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Having experienced the same thing with a childhood friend,I can only say to let time open your eyes,so many of us are hankering over dreams,I saw a movie once about it,a young woman had built up an image in her mind and emotions of the man that was in the French resistance with her,it haunted her for years,stopping her to get on with her life,not being in touch with reality,she lost a man who really loved her for what she was obsessing about.Well she did bump into her" love" on day and he was a most unpleasant character,she finally really saw him and could not get away from him fast enough.We build things in our minds,they are our fantasies,the way we want them to be and not reality.

Wise words... Thank you :)

I see on your profile that you believe in reincarnation,so do I and I think the answer to your dilemma could lay there.You could have had many lives together but at some stage had to part to make lives separately, to let go,You must have chosen that outcome before coming back on this earth,but we do not remember those things while in this earthly dimension.I must have chosen to be reborn in the dysfunctional family I inherited on this earth for a reason and I too met someone very early in my life that I could not hold on to and mourned for years.

Funny... we talked about that a lot...

Agreed. It's been 8 months for me and still every single day is a struggle. Hang in there.

It happens. The only thing that seems to make the memories fade is time - or another person...