How do I stop thinking of the baby that was growing inside her, all the things planned. Miscarriages suck.
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Yes, miscarriages suck. I lost 5 children that way. But I was able to carry one through full term. I am very proud of my brat. My prayers go out to you and her.

Ahh damn man im soo sorry.

Don't dwell on it. Personally, the past is just that, the past. You can't do a single thing to change that. Sure, you can try to prevent it from happening again in the future, but then you have a whole new problem. Once you do plan ahead to try and stop it, you end up worrying about a future no one can predict. No one NEEDS regret and/or worries, but most people think of it as a grand aspect of life. They simply should be ready to accept the worst that can happen. You can't be ready for everything, and you sure as hell can't say you know what will happen. My advice? Smile. And mean it. It'll show you have no fear, and life will simply be forced to let you keep moving. But... If you're not ready... You'll end up being swallowed whole. I mean, you're free to have all these things, but then... If you DO start thinking about regrets and worries, you'll soon realize that the present has managed to slip by you. And once it's gone. It's gone. Good luck with your situation though! And remember to smile! ^_^