Oh my gosh yes! My brain is always yammering on and there's always a song stuck in there too. It would be great to get five minutes peace :p
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I know how that feels. I like thinking about things, like life and stuff but sometimes it gets to be way too much

Yeah, it gets way out of control!

This usually happens to me, espcially when I NEED to sleep so I can get up and go to work, there is usually a song stuck there too, never one of my favourites but instead a song I really hate. I find reading can help relax the brain before bedtime too...

Yep it's always the annoying one that you don't recall hearing that day but is still stuck there. And ALWAYS before an early start haha

Very true, I'm not sure which tune really grates in your head but for me it's usually Elton John's Yellow Brick Road. Don't need that in my brain at 4:30 in the morning haha...

I just happen to have three switches left. Made in Iraq.......

for me sometimes certain dialouges and scenes from movies ,tv shows keep on playing in my head for the entire day at frequent intervals

oh sounds tiring! I just get two or three lines from songs going round and round in there

yeah its frustrating
that i cant stop it..it happens too much when im writing my exams lol

oh no! Worst time evarr!

i see

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Mine argues with me, does yours do that? :)

yes!!!! All the time!!

I know it's like who's in charge here, me or er me??? lol :)

i reckon there's a goblin in there intent on wreaking havoc :D

oo I like that! :)

Trying to order yourself to 'go to sleep' in the middle of the night isn't the easiest thing in the world I gotta say...

crapy story. read many times on ep

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