At night my mind has a high tide of: imagination, inspiration, poetry, unanswerable questions, exciting yet supposedly forbidden thoughts, unlocked time-capsules of embarrassing or joyful memories, inescapably encapturing dreams and either dread or impatience for the morning to arrive.
Throughout my lifetime, since the day I was born, I have always had a mild case of insomnia - so it is actually a blessing that my mind turns so alive at night. Otherwise, I don't know what would have saved me from the boredom of my sleepless nights.
But, still, I guess it also can be seen as a nuisance, since my sleepless nights are actually caused by my ever-awake mind.
Either way, if there was a way to built an 'Off Switch' for my brain, I definitely wouldn't mind paying damn good money for it.
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can i use that for my article on insomnia? ill say its by u..

I don't really mind...

No! Say no! It's YOUR work, girl!

haha i love that im copying it an saving it definitely!

Haha, thank you! :D

That's a really funny idea. I like ur writing.

Thank you.

Beautifully written

Thank you. :)



haha u amuse me :) priceless writing - love this

Thank you! And it's a pretty amusing topic! ;)

wow i like u

Thank you! :D

wow that's beautiful and so poetic. ur 13? ur like a freakin genius!

Thank you!

u could b talkin 'bout a hairpin an i'd enjoy reading this just as much. ur wording is so beautiful.

I greatly appreciate that, you're very kind. :)

you just perfectly described how it feels to have insomnia - so wise and at such a young age. you know psychology better than you know 1+1!

Yes and yes - insomnia is a huge hassle and there is no doubt that I love psychology!