ADHD and Racing Brain.
The meds don't work for me, so a switch to be able to put the brakes on the ADHD brain from time to time would be welcomed!
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i have adhd and my brain is and it never stops going,. i need to go back on my meds they help some,its hard living inside adhd brains, for they never stop. vinny

Very true Vinny. I find it very difficult to concentrate on work, particularly if it's something I'm not particularly interested in. My doctor describes it as a lack of filters. The regular brain has the ability to filter out all extraneous distractions allowing the person to concentrate. The ADHD brain lacks those filters...hence any shiny object, be it physical or mental, can easily distract.

I'm sorry nothing works for you! I have horrible ADHD with a mind that races like its stuck on a never ending track or treadmill belt. On and on and on and on till I'm quite sure I've gone crazy and at some point I've lost my mind. Lol.
I take 50 mg of Adderall XR with a booster of 20 mg Adderall IR in the afternoon.
One thing I have to ask is has your doctor worked with you by increasing the dose enough to see if it works? Cuz I've tried like all of them too and none of them worked until I tried Adderall XR and it didn't work until he upped it to 40 mg then over time 50 mg. Its not perfect, but it's the best one I've tried as well as just trying my best to deal with it.
I've also heard that some people have had a lot of success with Wellbutrin when nothing else has worked.. It may be worth a try. Also have you tried Vyvanse? A lot of ppl like that too.
Anyway, I really hope you can find some relief! :)

Hi GlitzandGlamber. I've tried Vyvanse, Concerta, Wellbutrin, Adderall, and Stratera. My doc is supposed to be a pharmaceutical whiz. He told me I've run the entire spectrum of drugs. Unfortunately, I seem to be very susceptible to the side effects. I understand that increasing the dosage helps in some cases. A friend of mine needs heavy doses of Ritalin for his ADHD. I hope the Adderall XR continues to work for you.

Gabapentin works great for me

I'm glad to hear it. I have ADHD friends that tell me when they find a product that works for them, it's like someone switched on a light bulb.

So true ...Helps relax my whole body

Try getting a job with the gov't. That seems to have a numbing effect on brains.


which meds ate you on ? I'm on Concerta

According to my doctor, I've tried everything, including Concerta. I've gone thru the entire stimulant product suite and found they don't really work for me, and the side effects are very prevalent in my case. Stratera is a non stimulant, and I tolerated it better even though it did lead to weight loss, but it didn't have any real positive benefits. I happen to be among the 25% that doesn't find medication helpful.

well i have adhd and u may not do drugs but i found weed to be helpful it slows my brain down and relaxes my body hope you can find relief hun btw im a cd also thats into women just hope we can both find love lol

My doctor has a term called "weasel brain" for those of us with ADHD (my doc has it too). I haven't smoked weed since college as it gives me "weasel brain" on steroids. I get so completely stupid on weed, that it's really not funny. But I'm glad it works for you.

i get that way to but it slows down my brain so

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