I get pissed at how I always have the tendency to analyze things. That I have this weird way of looking around and having to notice every little thing that occurs. It's quite a torture, in all honesty. It feels like you know too much, but you can't stop.
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It's part of the human you are ... You are always gonna be like that , just learn how to embrace it and channel it to some productive channel

I'm still learning to, in all honesty. It's difficult, but I also believe the time will come that I will also come to accept it as part of who I am. For now, I'll keep on trying :)

And as long as you live you will be learning .. This is normal.. That you have to embrace

Mind is the strongest thing you have , learn to harness it and you can achieve whatever you want ... What you are saying just means that you have so much brain activity ... Which can be a blessing if you channel it right and a trouble source if you don't .... I manage that in different ways : sports , parting , working hard and just keeping my self busy ... They trick is doing something productive most of the times and doing something that you will thank yourself in the future for doing in the future

Thank you for your insight! I'll definitely consider it :)

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