I have learned in my life that some of the most drop dead men are the biggest jerks and some of the dorky looking guys are the nicest. I have stopped judging on looks online and off because you just do not know until you get to know them and that is just the truth of that. I have had my fair share of amazing men and losers and I think even the ones that I thought at first oh goodness you are far, far, far from attractive but then I got to know them and slowly my views changed and I may have started to be attracted to them. I can think of one case right in my head of someone who was, not the most attractive of men but over time his personality started to warm and threw that so did his looks.

They say you determine if you like someone within 15 seconds of meeting them that is all on body language I hate to be that way I like to think that I give everyone a chance I mean everyone deserves one.
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I'm with my man 3 years. At first I didnt think he was good looking didn't want a bit of him but then I got really attracted to him when I got to know him. People come up to me and was like what are u doing u could do so much better. It really annoyed me I was like get to know him before u judge him. And now they say u have a good one don't let him go!
Whereas before him I was with a boy and he was gorgeous like not the sort of boy that would go for me but once I got to know him he was a self absorbed jerk!!
So just shows like.

Awe that is such a cute story!!! Yeah there is one guy for me that jumps out as not attractive at all but after getting to know him I think he is attractive now; had i judged on first looks I don't think a second connection would have happened! I mean its always a plus when there good looking and a great person but I will take the great person over the hottie with a **** personality lol

Totally agreed. I don't think I know one man with good looks and great personality apart from my man at the minute. Hahaaa. But I believe everyone has something beautiful about them. I don't think there's anyone rotten throughout. So looks and personality is doesn't matter - it's the person who is liking them that matters. After all u apparently find that one who likes for better and worse!

Well, better late than never :)