I'm new to this college and I see a bunch of friendly people yet find it very uneasy to approach anyone. I don't like this feeling. It's troubling trying to understand someone else rather than someone to understand me. If that makes sense... I feel alone and unwanted. And my feet hurt! Lol.
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Maybe join a few clubs or do some sports? It's easier to meet people there since it's a smaller crowd and you guys would share similar interests. Easy to start talking about common interests

That's a great idea. I've considered about 3 clubs so far.

I'm movin' out to college this week and I hope I'll know what to do when this happens to me
but most likely I'll just be like
"how do I... get this person to talk to me..."
if I figure somethin' out I'll try to remember to let you know ;3

Thank you! I wish you nothing but the best. Patience is a virtue.

Well it's true but u must be patient! Ur "new" friends will come to understand u soon. Good luck! :)

Thank you for that. I have to keep reminding myself that it's only the second day.I'm not the only new face at this school lol.

Yup! I'm scared of the beginning of school too! ;(

Why? I bet you have a beautiful and charming personality!

Hehe thank u! I feel better :) u too! Ur such a sweet girl!

You're welcome & thank you!


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