Im honest:- I do get attached, even online :). it doesn't matter to me where in the world you are, what you are or who you are - Its your character that had me keep coming back and talking to you.

If you find me too intense, not slutty enough, not able to verbalise enough, too insecure- Im sorry, Im me with all the insecurities that life brought with it. Changing any of that will take time and that seems to be a problem.
I'll admit Im hurt, we had said that we would be honest and tell each other when and if we wanted to break off contact.

This is not honest, simply withdrawing and not writing, it lets me worry about you, it makes me think something is wrong.

you could have spared us both if you had been honest, it would have hurt but I wouldn't feel so devastated and stupid. I wanted to be a friend, not an annoyance.

Im sad that what I thought was a friendship obviously wasn't for you. It seems my judgement still needs alot of work :(

Stay safe
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3 Responses Aug 16, 2014

very well said, love your thoughts and the words I've read...

Sometimes friendships just come and go.

Hang in there.